Principal’s Desk

18 March 2019

Dear Parents,

A new normal began at school this morning. Our beloved city has yet again had to deal with another tragedy of a proportion that is difficult to comprehend. Through the many emotions we have, and will continue to experience, we will remain strong in our resolve to keep the children’s wellbeing at the forefront of our decisions and actions.  

I would again like to commend our staff for the thoroughly professional way they managed the events of Friday afternoon. Their calm, caring manner certainly helped us in maintaining the “ordinary” in what was “extraordinary”.

Our students are also to be commended for the way they followed our procedures and remained calm throughout the four hour lockdown. As a thanks they were all given an ice block today which as you can imagine went down very well! (Thank you to Marcel and Charlotte Gray for donating these).

Once again my thanks goes out to our parent community for your support, patience and understanding. We trust that our procedures, which are now under review, worked effectively for you all.   We met as a team this morning where I passed on the many thanks from parents, and I know the staff have really appreciated the numerous heart-felt emails and conversations they have received today expressing your thanks/support for their efforts on Friday.

Our thoughts are with the many families throughout Christchurch who have been affected by this catastrophic event, but especially our Muslim families at ENS. If you have concerns or need support over the coming days, please do not hesitate to let us know.

I am sharing some helpful information for families, in relation to communication received from the Ministry of Education. This information is on our website on the Information page – under ‘helpful information’ at the top.  The link is herewith:

NZEI Paid Union Meeting

The NZEI Paid Union Meeting that was to be held on 20th March has now been postponed.  We will advise the Community once we hear about a new date for this meeting.

Sport Check – Text Notification System

Sports Check is the text notification system that  we use here at Elmwood in case of emergency. There is information further on in this newsletter about how to register for Sports check or how to opt out of it when your children are no longer at the school.  

Mufti Day:

On Friday 22nd March we will be having a mufti day, along with other schools in Canterbury to show our support to our Muslim community in Christchurch.    This is a ‘We Care’ day and children are able to wear casual clothes (no theme). This will be a gold coin donation and the funds collected will be distributed via the Canterbury Primary Principals Association.

I know this week is not an easy one, but please if you want to talk with anyone, feel free to reach out to our team.

Warm regards