Physical Education

Physical Education

1. Regular classroom lessons (fitness and skills)
2. Sport
3. Perceptual Motor Programme

Teachers aim to develop broad based skills which will enable children to make more specialised choices later in sport and recreation. Lessons in a supportive relaxed atmosphere provide opportunities for our Year 1 children to enjoy physical activity. Fitness programmes support these skill lessons.



Swimming lessons will be taken in the school pool from the beginning of the first term until the weather becomes too cold. Lessons resume in the fourth term when temperatures become warmer. This is part of the school programme and all children are expected to take part.


Perceptual Motor Programme

A small group of children in Yr 0-2 are taken for specific tuition in areas such as ball handling, eye and hand co-ordination, balance, laterality, self-confidence, listening, and concentration skills. Inclusion in this programme follows a set criteria.  This is undertaken on a Monday afternoon during Terms 2 and 3, and takes place in the auditorium.   Mr Brian Miles, our Sports Co-ordinator supports the teacher responsible for PMP. Parent help is also encouraged.