How to Enrol

The school has an enrolment scheme with the majority of enrolments coming from within the school’s home zone.  The school’s intake of International Students is small (maximum of 10).

In-zone Enrolments
If you live within our Home Zone, complete the In-zone Enrolment form 2018 and the In-zone Declaration and the Cybersafety Agreement.
Bring the completed enrolment form with the following items into the school office: your child’s birth certificate (if NZ born) or passport (containing student visa/residence visa or permit,  immunisation certificate (this can be found in your Plunket Book) and the  in-zone declaration and proof of address (this needs to be your Tenancy Agreement or Sale and Purchase Agreement). Please bring original documents and copies will be made.

Out-of-zone (Ballot) Enrolments
If you live outside our Home Zone, complete the Out of zone Enrolment form 2018 and Cybersafety Agreement and ensure it is received by the school office before the appropriate closing date. Ballot Dates 2019
You will be notified in writing, within five working days of the ballot date, whether your child has been offered a place.

EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom) Blanket Consent for Low Risk Activities
You will be asked to sign an EOTC Blanket Consent for Low Risk Activities on your child’s Enrolment Form. Please ensure you read the EOTC Document for the description of what this consent covers. The Ministry of Education’s EOTC Risk Levels identify four activity levels, each with recommended types of parental/caregiver consent.

New Entrant Children (5 year olds)
Once you have enrolled your child or been offered an out-of-zone place, you will be contacted by the school and invited to attend a New Entrant Parent Meeting. This meeting will be held in the term prior to your child starting school. You will meet Sandra Johnston, the Year 1&2 Team Leader, who will discuss the classroom programme. You will also receive a ‘Welcome to Elmwood Normal School’ pack which contains information about the ‘big day’. Two weeks prior to your child starting school, they will be invited to attend two school visits. These are held from 9.30 am to 11.30 am and during this time a parent must be present.

New Entrant Parent Meeting Dates for 2018
For parents of children starting during Term 2, 2018: Thursday 15 March – 9.30am in Room 6b
For parents of children starting during Term 3, 2018: Thursday 31 May – 9.30am in the Music Room
For parents of children starting during Term 4, 2018: Thursday 23 August – 9.30am in the Music Room
For parents of children starting during Term 1, 2019: Thursday 25 October – 9.30am in the Music Room