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Activity fees cover all activities for each year level during the year and is payable by each family either at the beginning of the year or at the beginning of each term. The fee covers such things as such as EOTC [education outside the classroom), sports events and performances. Statements are sent home each term. Each classroom sends home information on each individual class activity plus a form for parental permission for signing, prior to any activity. See the Fees/Donations page for detailed information.

If your child is unable to attend school, it is important that you telephone the school office on 355 7192 (Enter #1 and record your message) or send an email notification to This procedure is for the protection and safety of children. If no record has been made of your child’s absence, the school office will make contact with you to establish the whereabouts of your child.

ABSENT – OVERSEAS TRAVEL: GUIDELINES FOR PARENTS: For children going overseas during the School Term
A parent is required to advise the school in writing of any leave from school their child will be undertaking. It is important to advise the school of this leave. Parents who take their children out of school for an extended period of time (more than a week) to travel overseas, cannot expect their child’s teacher to provide a “take away” classroom programme of work.  Parents must make their own arrangements for the schooling needs of their children during this time. The school does have a policy of not providing this programme.
It is strongly recommended that you develop a daily learning programme for your child that will support your child’s learning during this time. Some ideas that could be helpful include:
• Visit this website and the classroom website regularly to keep up to date.
• Establish a classroom buddy system to exchange learning.
• Keep a written diary of daily events or highlights on your trip that could be emailed back to your class
• Utilise the MOE’s website for supporting your child’s learning . Go the “parents”
section and look for “supporting your child’s learning”. This section provides parents with handy hints for supporting reading, writing and mathematics throughout the year levels.
The teachers are always willing to discuss their future classroom curriculum focus to give parents information in respect to the scope of the learning that will be taught during your child’s absence.
It must be noted that children who are absent from their regular schooling at Elmwood Normal for more than 15 weeks will be taken off the school roll (as per the Ministry of Education requirements) and that the school’s enrolment policy would then apply upon re-enrolment.

There are two providers of after school care at Elmwood – OSCAR and M*A*S*H.  Please refer to the ‘After School Care’ page for further information.

School banking is offered on Thursday morning with either Westpac or ANZ. Your child needs to place their bank book in the appropriate posting box in the school office by 9.00am. Once their banking has been processed, their bank book is returned to their classroom.

At Elmwood Normal School our values of collaboration, creativity, empathy, excellence, and independence underpin everything we do. Students, teachers and parents are expected to demonstrate these values each and every day through their interactions.
To support students with their development of these core values, we employ the restorative practice model to assist with behaviour management. Restorative practice is an approach to wrongdoing that works to strengthen connections between people within a community. The approach is highly confrontational to wrongdoing but at the same time, fair, honest, and highly supportive of all people involved. Restorative Practice is based on the art of listening and the search for shared understanding of how people are affected by the actions of others. This approach leads to a positive way forward.

Please link to the ‘Elmwood Parent eLearning Information’ site.

The safety and protective care of your children is of prime importance to us at Elmwood Normal and so we would like to remind you of several pointers on this matter:
School Day:
Children are NOT to be at school BEFORE 8.30am as we have no provision for their supervision.
Children are to be collected from their classrooms each day by 3.15pm. After this time they will be kept in the office area until collected by an adult or older brother or sister.
If you have friends, relatives or caregivers collecting children please notify their class teachers and get them to identify themselves to the class teacher when collecting the children.  If your child/ren are leaving school for any reason during school hours, please notify reception when you collect, and drop off your child/ren.

Please refer to SchoolDocs. Click on this link – Employer Responsibility Policy – Complaints
Username: elmwood (all lower case), Password: Elmw00d (‘0’s as zeroes)

From time to time you may have concerns which you wish to discuss with us at school. We have a procedure for this and find that most concerns can be quickly resolved using this format:
1. Discuss your concern with the class teacher who will document the concern
2. Follow up with the class teacher to check developments
3. If appropriate, a meeting may be arranged with the Deputy Principal or Principal

A whole school celebration assembly is held every three weeks. The Assemblies are advertised on our ‘Latest News’ page and on our ‘School Calendar’ . Everyone is warmly invited to join the children and staff for this celebration of learning.

In accordance with Ministry of Transport recommendations, the Board of Trustees discourages all primary children from cycling to school. Children under the age of 10 years do not have fully developed peripheral vision and they also have difficulty judging speed of traffic.

Link to the ‘Dental Clinic‘ information.

For your children’s safety, we ask for your co-operation in sending drinks to school in plastic containers and not in glass bottles.

Please link to the ‘Elmwood Parent eLearning Information’ site.

Please keep the school office up to date with your current phone numbers (both home and cell), your e-mail address and home address. This enables us to contact you quickly and easily in the event of an emergency. Please also make sure you are registered with Sportcheck (our emergency text service). If we need to close the school for any reason this enables us to send you a text message quickly and easily. We will also post the message on our website and on the school phone. If you change your cell phone number please also remember to update this with Sportcheck.

See the ‘Enrolment‘ page.

Homework is set at the discretion of the classroom teacher. When given, it is intended as a step towards developing independence and time management skills. Homework will usually reflect class programmes and often will be an extension of what is happening in the classroom. The time spent on homework should never become burdensome. Please contact the class teacher if this is the case. All homework should be able to be done independently, however, your support is always appreciated.

In the event of minor accidents or illnesses, children will be cared for in the administration block, where the sickbay facilities are located. If children are hurt or unwell and it is felt they should not stay at school, all endeavours will be made to contact a parent. In the event that emergency contacts cannot be made, the school will take whatever action is deemed appropriate for the safety of the child. It is imperative, therefore that parents ensure that our medical/emergency contact information is up to date at all times.

Please visit the following link for a downloadable booklet that contains clear and practical tips for staying safe online from some of the internet’s most popular digital platforms.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 2.28.38 PM

John Parson’s Cybersafety
Please click on the following links to view information from John.
John Parsons Cyber Safety The Desire to communicateJohn Parsons Cyber Safety Parent & TeenagersJohn Parsons Cyber Safety Parent InformationJohn Parsons Cyber Safety Parents Valuing Identity

Elmwood Normal children and staff are proud of our well resourced library. Our library provides a huge range of exciting books, our children’s own published books, magazines and more. Children come with and without their classes to change books and carry out research and on a wet lunchtime it can be one of the busiest places in the school. During the breaks, a great team of Year 6 librarians take over the running of the library under adult supervision and do a wonderful job assisting their fellow pupils. Parents are most welcome to visit and/or assist children with book selection, or just call in and ask for some great recommendations. Link to the library website.

Please name all clothing and scooters. Lost property (clothing, lunchboxes, etc) is held in bins outside Room 6A. After 3.15pm each day any lost property left around the school will be collected by our property manager. Any clothing will be available in the lost property bins the next morning and scooters will be available outside the property manager’s shed behind the auditorium. At the end of each term, all unclaimed lost property will be disposed of, however, should the bin become full prior to this, the lost property therein will be disposed of sooner.

Some children need to take regular medication for a variety of reasons. No medication is to be kept in the classroom; it must remain in the sickbay. A form, held in the office, needs to be completed by the parent/caregiver before any medication can be administered.

Children are encouraged NOT to bring money or toys to school. Should they do so, it is suggested that they give them to their teacher to look after for safe keeping.

Each year, we have considerably more requests to hold mufti days for specific charities than the 8 mufti days that we have each year (2 per term). Because of this, we have certain criteria the ‘charity’ needs to fit into. These include:

    • Charities that relate directly to a medical condition of a child presently at Elmwood.
    • Improving the lives of a group of disadvantaged children in the community. Cholmondeley Home, Kids Can etc.
  • Major natural disaster in an struggling community where children’s lives are affected. Earthquake in Nepal, Cyclone in Fiji etc. For these events we find charities that work directly with helping children.

We also support St Johns, Surf Lifesaving’s Jandal Day, and donate non-perishable food items to the Salvation Army to distribute at Christmas.

The main areas of help are requested in:
• Helping in classrooms – listening to reading, reading stories, supervising groups, library help etc.
• Making equipment – assisting with the covering of books and processing books for classroom/library use, illustrating ‘blown up’ books.
• Assisting with sport – if you have skills in any particular area, we would appreciate you sharing these with us.
• Camp Mums and Dads. (Demanding but rewarding.)
• Using parents’ expert knowledge/skills to provide extra experiences for the children.
• Volunteering to serve on the Board of Trustees or ENSCA (Elmwood Normal School Community Association).


We are very fortunate to have a Public Health Nurse who visits the school regularly. If you wish your child to be seen by the nurse with regard to any particular problem, please do not hesitate to contact the office by phone or inform the class teacher. At intervals, children have hearing and vision tests from the Health Department’s Audiologist. If you are concerned about your child’s hearing or sight, please contact the office.

Punctuality is a habit we encourage; late arrivals disrupt classes. If your child is late your child will need to report to the office before going to their classroom.

Trained Year 6 children go on road supervision from 8.30 a.m. – 8.55 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. to 3.15 p.m. on Leinster Road and Aikmans Road. Children are urged to cross at these times for their own safety as our surrounding streets are very busy.  Parents crossing their own children are asked to please respect the crossing patrols and cross on the crossings.

The Board of Trustees is conscious of making this demand on parents/caregivers, but believe it is essential to receive a high level of donations in order to continue providing a high quality learning environment for our children. The Board of Trustees has set the school donation at $200 per child per year, a maximum of $400 per family. Alternatively donations can be made at $50 per child per term, to a maximum of $400 per family. The funds received are an important component of our budgeted income. Please note that this donation can be included with your donations on your tax return. For further information please refer to our ‘Fees/Donations’ page.

Children are not to enter the school buildings before 8.30 a.m.
The morning bell rings at 8.55am for the start of the school day. All children are expected to be in their classroom by this time.
Morning classes begin 8.55 a.m.
Interval 10.40 a.m. – 11.00 a.m.
Morning classes end 12.30 p.m.
Afternoon classes begin 1.25 p.m.
Afternoon classes end 3.00 p.m.
Clearing bell 3.15 p.m.
By 3.15pm we expect all children to have left the school grounds.

School lunches are available on Tuesday (EZILunch) and Wednesday (Sushi).  Important notes for all sushi orders:
Orders are to be written clearly on an envelope with the child’s name and room number and correct money enclosed (cash only please and no change will be given). One order form per child. Order forms are available on the ENSCA page.
Sushi – Orders must be in the ‘Sushi’ box in the office by 9.00am on Wednesday morning for delivery Wednesday lunchtime.

For stationery requirements during the year, orders can be placed through the school office.

The Elmwood School uniform is required to be worn at all times. Please refer to our ‘School Uniform’ page for information.

The school has official access to a large number of specialist agencies such as the Special Education Service, Police Education Officers, Reading Resource Teachers and Visiting Teachers.

The Speech-Language Therapist visits Elmwood Normal twice yearly to follow-up work and assess new referrals. Parents are also welcome to contact the Speech Therapist to discuss concerns and/or possible referrals.

The roads around our school are narrow and traffic density is high. To help alleviate congestion at the beginning and end of the school day, parents are asked to observe the three minute loading zone on Aikmans Road. Traffic authorities will be called if parked cars obstruct driveways. It is vital that access to the school entrances Is clear at all times. Parking outside the school administration area is restricted to staff and service vehicles and taxis only.

Please inform the school office if your family changes address, phone number, doctor and dentist. Accurate family information is vital, for the general welfare of your children.  Link to ‘Update Details’ page

The website is updated regularly. A weekly reminder to check the Latest News & Events is emailed to the parent community.