Fees / Donations

School Donation

The Board of Trustees is conscious of making this demand on parents/caregivers, but believe it is essential to receive a high level of donations in order to continue providing a high quality learning environment for our children. The Board of Trustees has agreed not to increase the school donation for this year. This remains at $200 per child per year, a maximum of $400 per family. Alternatively donations can be made at $50 per child per term, to a maximum of $400 per family. This can be paid at the beginning of the year or each term. The funds received are an important component of our budgeted income. Please note that this donation can be included with your donations on your tax return. Your support is very much appreciated.

Activity Fee

Activity Fees will be invoiced on attendance.  A statement will be issued at the end of every term and will detail all activity fees payable. The activities are such things as EOTC [education outside the classroom], sports events and performances and will be detailed on the Statement. Signed parental permission for your child/ren to attend offsite activities is required and a form is provided for this. The school does have Eftpos and internet banking facilities or can receive cash or cheque.

School Bank Account Number

We would be happy to receive your donation/activity fee by way of direct credit into the school bank account. The bank account number for payments to Elmwood Normal School is: 06 0817 0314960 00. Reference: Name of child, customer number and payment details.