Elmwood Normal School Community Association

Elmwood Normal School is fortunate to have an energetic and highly motivated ENSCA.

ENSCA provides a very important communication link between parents, staff and Board of Trustees. It provides a forum for parents and staff to meet, it organises selected social events to foster community spirit within the school and it also provides services within the school, e.g. the sale of uniforms. ENSCA is also an important fundraising body. They provide many extras for our children – things that our school budget simply could not provide. ENSCA has been responsible for the purchase of many computers, iPads, hundreds of library books, sports equipment, the junior playground and classroom furniture.

Everyone is welcome to be part of ENSCA. It is an excellent forum to meet people and become involved in the school. Contact the Chairperson or your class rep for further information.


The role of ENSCA is to

  • encourage & support communication between home & school;
  • help build a sense of community at our school;
  • and to raise funds, through school events & promotions, to supplement those received from school donations & MOE grants.


‘That every parent of every child at Elmwood contributes to ENSCA in whatever way they can to ensure our school is the
best it can be for our children’.

There are so many options…….

  • buy an Entertainment Book;
  • buy a school sushi or subway lunch for your child regularly;
  • help with the sushi or subway lunch orders (about 2 hours each term);
  • support events organised by ENSCA i.e. Family Fun Day;
  • donate one hour to help on one of the Family Fun Day activities;
  • be a class rep;
  • attend the monthly meetings;
  • contribute a plate to our termly staff morning tea shouts;
  • help collect the money or on the BBQ for our termly sausage sizzles;
  • buy the art calendar/cards/diary;
  • help collate the order for the art calendar/cards/diary orders at the end of term 3;
  • book a family photo session on our ‘photo shoot’ day;
  • donate uniform items that are no longer required to our second-hand uniform shop;
  • or buy school uniforms from our new or used uniform shop.


Chairperson: Bridget Eastgate
Treasurer: Nicola Brownlee
Secretary: Kelly Snoep

The ENSCA AGM is to be held on Thursday 15th February 2018 at 9:00am in the staff room.  This will be followed by the monthly meeting.  All are welcome.  This is a great opportunity to meet some new people while playing a role in providing those extras for your child and the children of Elmwood.  We also invite written nominations for the roles of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Nominations can be posted to the ENSCA box in reception and need to be in by Wednesday 14 February.  We look forward to seeing you there.

The next ENSCA monthly meeting is being held Thursday 15 February, 9.00am in the Staffroom.
Please click on the following link to view the dates for the ENSCA meetings for 2017 ENSCA Meeting Dates 2017

2017 Meeting Minutes:  AGM 16 February 2017, 16 February 201716 March 201713 April 201718 May 201722 June 2017,  27 July 201724 August 2017,  21 September 2017, 19 October 201723 November 2017

2016 Meeting Minutes: AGM 18 February 201618 February 201624 March 201614 April 201619 May 201623 June 2016,
28 July 201618 August 201615 September 201627 October 201624 November 2016


The Entertainment Books for 2017 are now here and available to be purchased.  This year the money raised will go towards helping to purchase new iPads for classrooms, so please be in quickly to purchase your Entertainment Book or Membership. 
You will receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and help our fundraising at the same time. To place an order online please click on the following link  http://www.entbook.co.nz/13s4132

Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to be Class Reps for 2017.  Please click on the following link for a list of all of the Class Reps 2017 Class Representative List

Throughout the year ENSCA distributes the Lucky Book brochures from Scholastic to your child’s classroom.  There are usually 2 issues per term.  For every dollar spent on orders, the school receives, 20% of the total of orders from Scholastic, in the way of rewards.  These rewards are then used to purchase books and teaching resources for the school.  In 2015 ENSCA was able to use these rewards to buy $1,632 of new books for the Library and $1,266 of teaching resources for Learning Support.

There are two ways you can order Scholastic books:
Option A: – Return the order form with payment to the Scholastic posting box in the office.  If paying by cash please ensure it is for the correct amount as change won’t be given.  Cheques are to be made out to Scholastic New Zealand Ltd.
Option B: – order online via the Book Club Loop.  You can order and pay on line by visiting https://mybookclub.scholastic.co.nz and follow the instructions.  If you choose to order this way you do not need to return any order form or money to school.  Books will be delivered to your child’s classroom as per normal.  Please note that the same closing date applies as per option A.  Your order will only be processed by Scholastic once the other orders have been processed. if you order after the closing date and orders have closed your child’s order won’t be processed.
If you would like your order to be a gift and collected from the office instead of going to your child’s classroom you will need to order by way of Option A and note on the order form that it is a gift and include your contact phone number.  If you order via Option B all books are sent directly to your child’s classroom as there is no way of knowing whether it is a gift or not.
Whether you choose to order and pay by Option A or B the school still receives the 20% reward payback of total orders received.

ENSCA provides morning tea for all the teachers & staff each term.  This morning tea is held on the last Thursday of each term and each class is asked to provide a “plate” (organised through the class reps) to the staffroom by 10am on the day.


ENSCA requires parent help for Wednesday Sushi lunches, for 40 minutes on a Wednesday from noon, possibly three times a term. This requires sorting pre ordered sushi and handing out to children at lunch time.
If you can help please email Nicola Brownlee nicola68@xtra.co.nz

Important notes for all lunch orders:
Please use the appropriate order form rather than the back of an envelope to order your child’s lunch. Remember to clearly state your child’s name and room number and enclose the correct money (cash only and no change will be given). One order form per child.
Sushi – download the order form Orders must be in the ‘Sushi’ box in the office by 9.00am on Wednesday morning for delivery Wednesday lunchtime.  ENSCA are now offering Chicken on Rice for Wednesday Sushi lunches, $5, small only

The Uniform Shop is located in the Auditorium foyer and is open every Friday from 8.30am – 9.00am. If you require Uniform at any other time please place an order, along with the correct payment, into the Uniform posting box at the School Office.
Payment may be made by eftpos, cash or cheque.  Orders can be paid by Internet banking to the ENSCA uniform account 03-1707-0058075-00.  Please note that this account is an ENSCA account and is different from the Elmwood School account.
Please email uniform@elmwood.school.nz to notify us you have paid by internet.
Download a Uniform order form Uniform Order Form June 2017


The school office has a basket for you to place ‘no longer used’ uniform items in. The basket is situated under the posting boxes. The proceeds from the sale of pre-used uniforms are used to buy ‘extras’ for Elmwood Normal School children.
The Pre-used Uniform Shop is located at the bottom of the stairwell adjacent to the Auditorium and will be open every Friday  from 8.45am-9.15am.
Please note that payment may be made by cash or cheque ONLY