Elmwood Parents Biz



Welcome to the Elmwood Parents Biz Network for 2019!

Elmwood Parents Biz organises regular networking events and have developed the Biz Directory, an on-line resource of the local businesses within our school community. Whether you are looking for an architect, builder, a special gift, corporate catering or a piece of bespoke art work, the talent among our own school community is vast. Let us help support these new and existing businesses, big and small. Support local. You may be surprised at what you discover!

As our directory is constantly evolving, please check in regularly and if you would like to become involved and spread the word about your business, please contact us at rachelleh@ihug.co.nz. Please click on the following link to view the Elmwood Parents Biz Network Directory Biz-word-directory-24 June 2019

Many thanks
Rachelle Henson, Carolyn Eyre-Walker and Natasha Lamont
The Elmwood Parents Biz Team