English as a second language

The school has in place a programme to address the educational and emotional needs of ESOL children. The school employs an ESOL tutor who devises a programme of work to meet the individual needs of each child. The programme of work may be delivered individually or in small groups of children who have similar needs. and during the first few days the child/ren are taken for an orientation course. ESOL children are assessed within fourteen days of their enrolment and are placed in classes according to current class sizes, gender balance, other ESOL children, teacher affinity with children from other cultures; social/emotional needs of the child.

Useful websites for helping your children at home:

Some sites have a subscription to pay so it would be wise to try some of the free trial activities and make sure it will be beneficial your child long term before paying as there may be some free websites that can target the specific learning needs of your child.  There are thousands of websites available.

Here is a site that may help narrow down some of the choices. http://www.studentguide.org/the-50-best-esl-resources-for-kids/

Other sites you may wish to investigate:


Some sites we use at school (May incur a cost) RAZ  (Reading A-Z), Read Theory, Core 5, Teach a Monster to Read, Sunshine Online, Spelling City.