Growing Great Citizens

At Elmwood Normal School we aim to provide a positive environment in which each child is respected and his/her rights to learn and play are encouraged and protected.  The social and emotional welfare of our students is important, as this provides the foundation for academic success. Socially intelligent behaviour is viewed as part of a child’s development and therefore is at the core of our behaviour management programme.

To support students with their social development, we have a school-wide behaviour programme. Our `Growing Great Citizens Programme’ aims to:

  • provide a happy, positive learning environment.

  • provide a physically and emotionally safe environment.

  • encourage students to accept responsibility for their own behaviour.

  • ensure rules are applied consistently, fairly and consequently.

  • provide a  clear, user-friendly system so that conflict can be resolved effectively.

We have five behaviour goals based around our school values that underpin our Growing Great Citizens Programme. They provide a school-wide approach to behaviour management that is proactive rather than reactive.  Students seen to be displaying these behaviour goals are rewarded for “doing the right thing.”

  • Collaboration – We cooperate and interact inclusively in all situations.

  • Creativity – We express our feelings and find solutions to problems in a calm manner.

  • Independence – We take responsibility for our own behaviour and learning.

  • Respect – We care and show respect for other people, property and our environment.

  • Excellence We strive to do our best in all situations.

To support students with their development of these core values, we employ the restorative practice model to assist with behaviour management. Restorative practice is an approach to wrong doing that focuses in on repairing harm.  The approach confronts the wrongdoing but at the same time is fair, honest and highly supportive of all people involved. Restorative practice is based on the art of listening and the search for shared understanding of how people are affected by the actions of others. This approach leads to a positive way forward.

This is our school philosophy. It is highly visible in all interactions and flows through to every part of our community.