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Board Talk – October 2017

Dear ENS Community

Believe it or not we are closing in on the end of the year with (only) about 7 weeks of the school year to go. I am sure it will go like a flash. I know the entire team at ENS are busy ensuring the students are enjoying their learning and having fun (if anything such as my tired son’s return from school camp is to go by!).

Firstly, on behalf of the Board, the Board welcomes back Jill Evans as Deputy Principal.  It’s probably a little unfair to say that Jill returns and ‘fits like a glove’ back into Elmwood, but it certainly is good to have her back with her tremendous knowledge, skill and enthusiasm towards the children and our school.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Triplets (Caro, Megan and Sandra) who stepped up last term to cover the DP role until Jill arrived.  You all did a wonderful job and ensured the transition from Maree to Jill occurred as smoothly as possible.

So how has the year been? Across the school, to date it has been one of ‘continued improvement’.  The Board has been working with Paul and the staff focusing on the school’s people, systems and environment, with the result being that some things change, but others don’t.

A good example of something that has not changed was the school uniform.  The Board performed a review of the school uniform earlier this year, partly out of necessity to ensure future supplies are in place, but also after some feedback received. So, the Board has had a number of discussions about the uniform, how it is worn and what, if anything needs to be done to improve it. After considering a number of options and factors, including function, cost, and to some extent tradition, the Board decided to maintain the current uniform. We would like to thank Kirsten McFaull for all her assistance and efforts throughout this process.

As I am sure you will appreciate, there are a number of options available with the current uniform. If you are unsure about how the uniform is to be worn, full details are available on the School’s website:   http://www.elmwood.school.nz/school-uniform/.  Photos are also in the office.

You may notice that shoes are not part of the school uniform requirements.  While it is often a point of contention, the Board has decided not to implement ‘regulation’ school shoes at this stage.  However, we ask that students attend school in appropriate footwear.

As previously discussed, compliance with the uniform is generally very good and the Board does not wish staff to take a strong ‘enforcement’ policy for those who do not wear a strictly compliant uniform. However, if students are wearing items that are clearly not part of the uniform, they will be politely asked to consider changes for the following day. In our view wearing the school uniform is a matter of pride and integrity and as we move through the last term we look forward to seeing the summer uniform worn with pride and in line with the Elmwood values.

An area of change this year and an important area of focus has been the introduction of the cloud based student reporting system Linc-Ed, via the parent portal.  The team at Elmwood have put a lot of effort into getting this continuous reporting system up and running and will continue to build on its success as time goes on.

In more general terms the Board has during the year received reports from staff on the children’s achievements in reading, writing and mathematics. We are always impressed as to the achievements of our children. We are at all times looking at ways in which we can support our teaching staff further, or discuss with them the ideas and ways they believe they can improve their methods even further. We also are quite conscious of those Elmwood students that need support in their learning and are pleased with the wonderful work done by the Learning Support team.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognise and thank all those people that give their time and support to the School; the volunteers.  Elmwood is extremely well supported by the community whether it be from fundraising (both the organisers and those that spend – the recent Art Auction evening was truly amazing…!), the time given in support classroom activities, helping make costumes for the School Concert, organising Sushi lunches, running the Uniform Shop, assisting at events such as the Fete, offering transport and driving students to events, being Parents on school camps, being swimming pool attendants…  …the list is endless.  Elmwood wouldn’t be the school it is without the support of all the volunteers and the Board and staff are extremely grateful for it.  As an example of the fundraising the School has recently purchased another 40 Chromebooks and 25 iPads, meaning Elmwood has as many devices as it can meaningfully utilise.

Finally, I would like to note the level of ‘pastoral care’ that the School is providing to some of our students.  While our children go to School to learn, some require a little more support than others.  Please be conscious of this and the fact that the School does a lot of hard work in these areas to support all our children, most of the time outside of any recognition.

As we head towards the end of the year planning is already underway for 2018.  As well as the usual ‘business as usual’ things, the Board is considering its priorities for 2018.  If you have any matters you would like the Board to consider, please feel free to contact us via the School Office.

Have a great rest of 2017 and stay safe and have a restful break over the summer.


Malcolm Hollis
Board Chair

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